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Sustain Tahoe Geotourism

For 10,000 years the native Washoe people served as guardians of the region by living in harmony with the sky, plants, water, land, wildlife, as part of their community, culture and heritage.

It took modern (profit at any price) thinking less than 100 years to bring this watershed to the brink of collapse. The last 40 years of restoration have only been possible because people took action. People like Dr Charles Goldman, providing 50 years research and solutions.

Sustainable Tahoe honors those taking action and has designed a prosperity strategy in response to Dr Goldman’s request to shift our behaviors. We do this with life-changing adventures as part of the 21st Century geotourism showcase at our annual Tahoe Expo

* geotourim is a non-profit program created by NGCSD (National Geographic Center for Sustainable Destinations) to increased destination education, reduce poverty and preserve heritage sites around the world. Our founder and executive director, Jacquie Chandler, was appointed by NGCSD in May 2007 to be the geotourism liaison for the Tahoe region. To learn more about geotourism (National Geographic Program).

The Recipe:

Identify, develop and sustain; fun, meaningful, low-carbon geotourism experiences
Use alternative transportation like: water taxis, bus, shuttle, bike, walk to access these activities
Develop and Promote businesses who demonstrate a commitment to sustainability